We have enjoyed having ducks to supply our eggs and a little meat, too. We began raising ducks in 2011, when we got a straight run of 10 Welsh Harlequins. After butchering the drakes and keeping 4 hens as layers, we eventually got a couple of adult pekins, then sold the remaining few in 2014 before leaving our home in Wellington.

After moving to Guffey we got more ducklings, in 2015: 9 Golden Cascades and 4 White Appleyards. After some health issues with these ducks, we gave away the remaining two.

The summer of 2016, we got our "Six-Pack"; a mix of 5 different breeds: 2 Welsh Harlequins, 1 each - Chocolate Runner, Fawn & White Runner, Cayuga, White Layer.

The following pages show more details of all the ducks we've had, with links to all the "duck" blog posts:

Ducks 2016 - The "Six-Pack"
Ducks 2015 - Golden Cascades
Ducks 2011-2014 - Welsh Harlequins and Pekins

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