DUCKS 2015

Our Golden Cascade Ducks - L to R: Ellie May, Bess, Spot, Gertrude, Wily (the drake)

We so enjoyed having our ducks from 2011-2014, we've started a new flock in 2015, in our new location in Guffey, Colorado. Thirteen ducks to arrived June 4th, which gave us time to build a new duck house and prepare their predator-proof yard before getting too busy building our own house.

We ordered 8 Golden Cascade, and 4 White Appleyard, and received one "bonus" GC, for a total of 13. The Golden Cascades will mainly be our layers.  The Appleyards will be more for eating, and because white ducks are so cute. We had one White Appleyard in our previous flock, "Whitey". The Golden Cascades looked like a nice breed to try; pretty, different, they should be good egg producers, and a little meatier than the Welsh Harlequins we had last time. Besides, "Golden Cascade" kind of fits with our "Golden Gaits Ranch" theme!

After the health issues we had with these ducks, we decided to "retire" them. We gave away the two remaining Golden Cascades (Gertrude & Spot) in August, after we began raising the "Six-Pack". (See Ducks 2016)

For the entire log of posts about our Welsh Harlequin ducks (and Whitey), see Ducks: 2011-2014.

Here is a list of all posts regarding the 2015-16 ducks:

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