Monday, February 29, 2016

Gertrude's Progress

Gertrude's problems with her prolapsed oviduct continue. We had her in "lock-up", the darkened duck house, separated from the other ducks, for three days. She continued looking good, so I let her out to join her friends.

After two days, the prolapse re-appeared, but not as bad. I ignored it for a couple of days, then put her back in the duck house, but not in the dark, just to keep her quiet and separate. I hoped that it would heal itself, but she kept laying eggs, and I think this aggravated the problem.

Finally, I soaked her again in a bath of epsom salts, re-applied the coconut oil & honey, and pushed the prolapsed area back in. There was some scabbiness, some of which fell off as I was massaging her. She went back to the darkened duck house.

The next day her egg had some blood on it, so I again treated her. She's been in the darkened duck house now going on five days. Some days she looks better than others. She keeps laying eggs--today she laid TWO! I keep thinking that if she'd just stop laying eggs she could get better and we could save her. I finally got some hemorrhoid treatment, which is supposed to be helpful, so today I plan to treat her and put some of that on her.

I want this experience to be a success!

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