Saturday, November 14, 2015

First Eggs!

First eggs from Golden Cascades, 14 November 2015

There were TWO EGGS in the duckhouse this morning! This is a full month earlier than the first eggs we'd gotten from our previous ducks.

One of the eggs (the larger of the two) was crushed, but the other was unbroken. They both had some blood on the outside, and the shells were not real hard. The smaller of the two was about the size of a medium to large chicken egg. I did not want to eat the egg, due to its messiness on the outside, but I cracked it open and it was fine on the inside.

One of the ducks, Bess, had a gooey mess hanging from her rear--I imagine she was one of this morning's layers. A couple of days ago I noticed she had a quacking fit. Quack, quack, quack...constant for several minutes. Perhaps she knew this thing was growing inside her. I can't help but wonder what these ducks must be thinking the first day they lay an egg???