Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lights for Eggs

The ducks are now 21 weeks old. I love the way their color camouflages them to protect them from predators. This is one of their favorite hangouts. Can you count all five?

On Monday (10/26) I put a timer on a light in the duck house. It's coming on just before dawn right now, and each week I'll increase the amount of light they get until they've got at least 14 hours of light per day. Hopefully they will think it's becoming spring, and this will stimulate egg production. We've also gotten a thermostat to put on a heat lamp, so on the coldest nights they'll have some warmth. How pampered they are!

It was 17 degrees in the morning a couple of days ago, but usually around 25-30. I'm beginning to have to break up the ice in their water bowl each morning, and sometimes their pool. Eventually I will stop filling the pool, but as long as it melts during the day, I'll let them continue to enjoy it. Soon we'll be adding the water heater to their bowl, so at least they'll be able to drink and dip their heads.

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