Friday, July 10, 2015

Growing Ducklings

Life has been busy here, making plans and working on the property and house. Little by little, the duck's house is complete, and heeeere it is....
It was made of materials left over from the barn. Our house is going to be round, or round-ish--it'll actually be a tetra-decagon, with 14 sides. That's how we came up with the idea of the duckagon, to match our round theme. The duckagon has only 8 sides, but it'll be awfully cute next to the big house when it's done! We actually put two doors in it, with the thought we may want to separate some ducks in the future (for breeding), but we are currently only using one door. Two of the roof panels are hinged and open up, for cleaning, and in the future for getting eggs out. Hopefully this will work out well.  

Here are some pics of the ducks today, at 5-1/2 weeks. Click on them to view them larger. The Golden Cascades are all different, as you will see in these five examples (two drakes, three hens).
All the ducks - July 10
One Golden Cascade drake.
The other Golden Cascade drake.
One of the darkest Cascade females.
This is the female I call "Pinky".

This female shows wings coming out in blue.
The 4 White Appleyards all look alike.

It's been fun watching them grow, especially now that their feathers are growing out. They're getting BIG, too! A few days ago we switched from the smaller pool to the larger one, and even it looks small with 13 ducks in it!
13 Happy Ducks

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