Friday, June 5, 2015

Ducks Are Here!

Our new batch of ducklings has arrived! They were hatched Tuesday, June 2 at Holderread Waterfowl Farm in Oregon, and shipped out that evening. After a postal service mishap in which the shipment was delayed, we found that they were sitting in Colorado Springs and would remain there overnight unless we picked them up there. Off we went, yesterday afternoon, to get them. They were all safe and sound in their shipping box!

Per instructions, we gave them some water with a little honey in it prior to the trip home. We had their brooder area all ready for them, so when we arrived home we put them in under their heat lamps, with water & feed, for their first night here.

We received 9 of the Golden Cascades, and 4 White Appleyard. The Cascades have dark brown & blotchy yellow coloring, the Appleyards are yellow. It's amazing that these little guys were packed into their eggs just two days ago--they grow so fast!

We're off on a new duck-adventure!

Here are the ducks, in the back of the car just after getting them at the post office.

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