Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Next Chapter

The Wellington GGR Garden has now been passed on to its new caretakers. We've closed the sale on the house & property there, and the buyers will be taking over. Our address is no longer on Shoofly Lane. It's being deleted permanently from many databases. We're now in Guffey for the next chapter! The move is good, but bittersweet. We enjoyed our little "oasis", the home, the view, the birds singing, the quiet. Tim put a lot of work into the home and property over the 28 years he was there, and it showed. He had a lot more invested in the property, and a lot more memories than I did, but I have a lot of fond memories as well. (I was there just under seven years.)

We each look back on many good times, but the best part is that we know we are moving on, TO something, that will be equally as good, or better. We have a lot of work to do, building our new home and garden, and we are excited to get to it. See more about the development of our Guffey home at Mountain Gaitway.

The garden will wait until 2016, as we have way too much to do this summer. However, a dozen ducklings have been ordered, and will arrive the week of June 1. Again, we will get a straight run, will fatten up the drakes 16-20 weeks for dinner, and save the hens as layers. We may keep a drake for breeding purposes, but will decide that later.  This year we are getting a mix of Golden Cascades and White Appleyard.  The Appleyards will be more for eating, and because white ducks are so cute. The Golden Cascades will mainly be our layers. See more about the ducks on the "DUCKS" tab at the top of the page.

Congrats to the new buyers, and we wish you well!

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