Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Break from Gardening

I've been getting catalogs and emails from several of the seed companies I've ordered from in the past, and it's sure tempting to take a look! Normally this time of year I'd be spending hours planning my garden and deciding which seed varieties I'd like to try. Not this year! 

Even  before we decided to buy our new property we had decided to take a break from gardening in 2015, our seventh year of gardening. It seemed an appropriate time for both ourselves and our soil to rest and replenish. As it has turned out, yes, the soil is resting, we are resting from gardening projects, but not exactly resting! We are now busy planning for our new home and our move to Guffey this spring.

Today we are at the property, staying in our new (temporary) future home, the RV. Tim's project for the weekend is to put skirting around the bottom to protect it from freezing. It's nice to be here, and we sure look forward to being here permanently!

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