Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 PLANS

OK, so I've pretty well neglected writing on this blog.  But, if anyone is listening, I've just posted my garden plan for 2013 on
The main garden can be seen here: MAIN GARDEN
The three sisters plot is here: CORN-BEANS-SQUASH

Right now it's pretty brown and ugly outside.  I've been working hard inside on plans and getting my new tracking system ready using Microsoft One Note--something I've never played around with before; so far it's pretty handy.  This year I am planning to do some of the most successful varieties from past years, and a few new things to try for fun.

The strawberry bed we've had near our cottonwood tree has never done well.  After a suggestion and some research, I've discovered that cottonwoods put off juglone, a chemical that inhibits the growth of many plants.  I'll be removing the strawberries from that bed (if they've survived) and will plant several perennial herbs there that are supposed to be tolerant of juglone.  Another bed near that tree has also had some sickly plants (especially the tomatoes, a couple of years ago).  I've found that beets, beans,  squash, onions, parsnips and carrots are supposed to do ok there, and will limit those beds to those items from now on.  I'm still learning!

The greenhouse has done well this winter, and has provided us with enough greens for salads all winter.  I've got some onions overwintering in there, too, and hopefully they will provide an early round of onions in the early summer.  I will also be planting a couple of early tomatoes in the greenhouse, to get a head start on them for the season.

Duck Update:  We still have the ducks (3 welsh harlequin, 2 pekin) and are enjoying four eggs a day at this point.  It took them a long time to begin laying after their molt (the pekins began laying in October, the harlequins not until February).  Every day we hope to find a fifth egg.  Maybe tomorrow!