Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sadly, Pinky is no longer with us.  She hadn't been acting normal in mid-July and we thought we might lose her then, but then she improved.  Some days she moved slowly, but mostly she acted the same as the other ducks.  Monday she was found dead.  This was one of the reasons we got the two new ducks--in case something happened to any of the others.

As it is now, after getting the two new whiteys, all ducks have gone into their molt and we have not gotten any eggs since a couple of days after we got the whiteys.  I guess the addition to the flock upset things so much, it threw them all into the molt.  We knew it would happen at some point, but are sad to have no egg supply.  The ducks are scraggly and there are feathers everywhere.  Upon close examination, there are new feathers growing.  Hopefully in another month or so we'll begin to see eggs again and freshly feathered fowl.

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