Tuesday, January 10, 2012

KK + Zadie

We're having lots of fun with Zadie, the new dog.  It's especially fun watching her get acquainted with the cat, KK.  I think KK is the boss.  She doesn't let Zadie have a chance to chase her.  She just sits still, while Zadie runs around her and pounces like she's trying to get KK to play.  KK glares at her, occasionally hisses or swats toward Zadie (no contact). Yesterday at one point, they were laying on the floor

about a foot apart, when KK s-l-o-w-l-y reached her paw out and touched Zadie's paw.  They will be friends soon, I think.

This morning I got a couple of shots of the two of them together.  Cute pair, eh?  As these photos were taken, KK chased after Zadie a bit...Zadie made a run for it.  Cats rule, I guess.

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  1. Your little ranch looks wonderful! I had exchanged a few emails with your husband I think a couple of years ago looking at moving find home fellowship in northern Colorado. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirits!

    Clint McPhee