Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Almost 100%

These ducks are really cranking them out!  Almost every day we find four eggs from these four ducks.  One day there were only three, and the next day five, so I suspect I missed one the first day, although I have heard it is possible for a duck to lay two in a day.  When that happens, I'll post a photo!

Usually the eggs are all in one of the nest boxes, although they have occasionally chosen a spot in the middle of the floor to make a nest.  Funny.  When we have enough extras, perhaps we'll sell some to the highest bidder!  (Or feed them to the dog.)

The winter weather really varies, from warmer days to colder ones.  We've been keeping the pool full for them, although some days it never melts.  They sure enjoy it when they can, and it isn't much bother for us to keep it full, so we're keeping them spoiled.

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