Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Almost 100%

These ducks are really cranking them out!  Almost every day we find four eggs from these four ducks.  One day there were only three, and the next day five, so I suspect I missed one the first day, although I have heard it is possible for a duck to lay two in a day.  When that happens, I'll post a photo!

Usually the eggs are all in one of the nest boxes, although they have occasionally chosen a spot in the middle of the floor to make a nest.  Funny.  When we have enough extras, perhaps we'll sell some to the highest bidder!  (Or feed them to the dog.)

The winter weather really varies, from warmer days to colder ones.  We've been keeping the pool full for them, although some days it never melts.  They sure enjoy it when they can, and it isn't much bother for us to keep it full, so we're keeping them spoiled.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

KK + Zadie

We're having lots of fun with Zadie, the new dog.  It's especially fun watching her get acquainted with the cat, KK.  I think KK is the boss.  She doesn't let Zadie have a chance to chase her.  She just sits still, while Zadie runs around her and pounces like she's trying to get KK to play.  KK glares at her, occasionally hisses or swats toward Zadie (no contact). Yesterday at one point, they were laying on the floor

about a foot apart, when KK s-l-o-w-l-y reached her paw out and touched Zadie's paw.  They will be friends soon, I think.

This morning I got a couple of shots of the two of them together.  Cute pair, eh?  As these photos were taken, KK chased after Zadie a bit...Zadie made a run for it.  Cats rule, I guess.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Four Ducks A- Laying

We've been getting three eggs almost every day, sometimes just two or one, but haven't been sure whether all four ducks are laying.  This morning there were 4 eggs, so now we know they're all laying.  So far, our egg eating has pretty much matched our egg production, so four layers is a good number for us.  We've read that each of these Welsh Harlequin ducks lay an average of five eggs per week, so it seems we're probably right on track.

Since the drakes are gone, the females are much calmer.  It's a nice little flock.  When it got really cold in early December, we emptied their pool, which they missed.  We had some warm days and nights last week, so filled it again for them, and they've had so much fun in it, we may just keep it up.  Most nights it freezes over, and most days it thaws enough by afternoon that they can get in.  As long as the well isn't too frozen to pump water, I guess we'll try to keep cleaning and filling it.  In summer we were doing it every three days or so, now it's ok to do every 4-5 days.  With fewer ducks and colder temps it doesn't seem to get as dirty.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Addition

 We have a new family member!

Zadie is about 10 months old, an Australian Shepherd-Husky mix.  She weighs in at 35 pounds and is about 19" tall at the withers.

We had to put down our Lucky dog a little over a month ago due to poor health.  At first we thought we would not get another dog, but as time went on, we just wanted to fill the gap.  We began looking around on Craigslist and the Humane Society websites and finally found our match.

Zadie's former owner is planning to move to apartment life and just couldn't keep her.  She brought Zadie here this morning, and Zadie had a great time experiencing lots of room to run!
She got acquainted with the horses, the cat, and even the ducks!  (We will need to
keep her away from the ducks until she
learns to give them a little more respect!)
We think she and KK (the cat) will become good buddies soon.

We look forward to many years of enjoyment together.  She's not only cute, but a pleasure to have around.