Thursday, December 15, 2011


First Egg - 12/15/11 - Ducks at 27.5 weeks old.
Way to go, girls!  They've done it.  One egg was found this morning, right in the middle of the duck house.  Wahooo!  I don't know who laid it, of course, but my guess is "Orange", the duck with the orange band on her leg.  She has seemed to me the most mature and has the most distinct blue on her wing, indicating she's the most completed with her molt process.  This morning she's being pretty vocal, as well, more so than the others.  Now we'll need to train them to lay them in the nest boxes.  I put it into the box and will leave it there a bit to give her the idea that's where it belongs.  Keep up the good work, gals!

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