Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ducks at 22 Weeks

Whitey, Drakey, and the four girls
The ducks are now 22 weeks old, and we had expected to see eggs by now.  Every morning I check, and still no eggs.  On about October 12th, at 18 weeks old, we put some fake eggs in their next boxes.  Hopefully this will teach them to lay them there, in the next boxes.  We've also been increasing their day length with artificial light coming on each morning, on a timer.  Each week or so it's been changed to come on earlier and earlier, but still no eggs.

Fake eggs in next boxes.

                                                              Some sources have suggested that they should start laying between 16-20 weeks of age, other suggest 20-24 weeks (so we're right in there), others mention that it won't be until the first spring after they were hatched.  We hope it's not the latter.

You can bet I'll be taking photos and posting when we get that first precious egg!

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