Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Snow

It's actually November now, but the first snow was October 26, so I'm backdating this post to reflect the correct date the photo was taken.  This was our first snow of the season, and it was a doozey.  8-10" or so of the stuff fell on our place.

It was the ducks' first experience with the cold, white ground.  I attempted to video their first steps in it, but they were awfully resistant to coming out of the house.  I finally went inside and pushed each duck out the door.  After that it still took them quite a while to head over to their food or water.  Finally they ate, and several minutes later, they drank.  I took several videos, until the battery ran out.  Here's just one of them:

Their pool was filled with slush, and it took them a while to go there, too, but finally they did, after it had melted some.

The next day they were hesitant to step out, but quicker than the first day.  By the third day things were back to normal and they came right out.  Now (11/7) they have no problem walking all over the snow.

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