Monday, August 1, 2011

Eight Weeks

Eight Weeks Old and "On The Move"
The ducks are eight weeks old today.  They are still a joy to watch, particularly in the pool or when they are out foraging.  They enjoy being out in the "big yard" with all the weeds and grass they can eat.  They no longer get "lunch" from me, they find it on their own, and are now fed only twice a day.

They're getting so big!  I enjoy just watching them and seeing how their feathers tuck up so neatly against their bodies and under the lower feathers that come up from their breast/abdomen.  The feathers are so soft, and the speculum feathers are beginning to turn dark blue.  In the morning when they get out of their house, they stand tall, stretch and flap their wings, which gives us a chance to see how much the wing feathers have grown.  Quite an improvement from the little stubs they had when they were little.

Soon we will be downsizing our flock, by learning to butcher and clean the drakes.  It does seem like messy business, but I think it's right to be more intimately connected to our food sources.  These ducks have been treated respectfully and will be to the end.  I'm still likely to keep Whitey, just because he's the mellowest and most fun to watch.  We're also considering keeping one of the WH drakes for breeding purposes, although we need to think more about that.  If we breed, we'd probably attempt to allow one of the hens to set and hatch the eggs rather than bring them indoors to an incubator.  Don't know.  More research and thinking will be necessary to decide.

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