Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This One's For Calvin (Charlie, too!)

I hear that my niece’s three year old son, Calvin, enjoys seeing the photos and videos of the ducklings.  Here’s a video for Calvin and his big brother Charlie.  Actually, it’s the best video yet.  It shows all the typical things the ducklings do.  It’s a bit long, but hang in there, the best part is near the end when all the ducklings run.

First the ducklings are eat their lunch.
They eat some, then they walk to the pool to drink and swim. 
One of them goes to the shade shelter.
Whitey sits down and stays put.
One of them trips trying to get in the pool.
Whitey is a bit bothered when somebody steps on him.
See how much bigger Whitey is than all the others!
The ones in the pool dunk their heads, bathe and swim.
One of the ducks quacks—is it a female?  (The females quack the loudest.)
All get out but one.
They go under the shelter, then they all head back to the food.
Watch them run!!
Whitey waddles over to join them.
The last one in the pool feels left out and runs quickly to join the others.
Isn’t it funny to watch them run???

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  1. I hope Calvin and Charlie enjoyed this one. I gotta admit that I did too. Thanks.