Monday, July 4, 2011

Male, Female, Gold, Silver

All along I've been watching these ducklings grow and exhibit different coloring, wondering which are female and which are male.  Aside from Whitey, who is getting much larger, lighter and whither, two have been more pale than the others, and I've wondered if they may be two females.  Most have a lot of dark grey on their backs, but these two are more bronze.  I finally figured out that these bronze ones must be the "Golden" Welsh Harlequins, and the rest would be the "Silver" Welsh Harlequins.

Of the two Goldens, I'm quite sure at this point that one is a female, as she's developed quite a quack.  This one is also a bit lighter, particularly on the wings, than the other Golden, so I'm guessing that one may be a male.

Of the remaining seven Silvers, at least one was quacking.  Some have lighter yellow-greenish bills than the others, so I'm guessing the darker-billed ones are females, three or four of them.

Time will tell, of course, but it's fun for me to try to guess how many will be ducks or drakes, which will lay eggs for us and which will be dinner.  Of course, Whitey's a wild card and will be all white.  I suppose we'll know soon enough by the voice.  So far, Whitey is still peeping like the others.
Golden Welsh Harlequin Duck - Four Weeks (She Quacks)

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