Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Duck Paddock

Duck House & Paddock from window
Tim has finished our deluxe duck paddock, where the ducks can forage and lounge predator-free.  The photo was taken from our living room window, so we get a nice view of them from the house.  A true engineer, he planned the whole thing out, and with a few changes of plan along the way, it's done.  Now we can let the cat out while the ducks are outside!  There's no way she can get in.

The ducks can go freely in and out of their house during the day, but we'll still lock them inside at night.  Eventually we'll put a perimeter fence around the larger yard, where we'll let them "free range" when we're home, but for now there is just enough electric wire to keep the horses out, which you can see in the rear view picture.
Rear View of Paddock

Also, in the rear photo you can see a shade area for the ducks.  There isn't much shade out there mid-morning, so we'll be constructing some sort of larger shade roof like this that will be permanent.  In the afternoon there's nice shade under the trees.

We have a larger pool for them, but before we put that up we need to put a drain plug into it to make it easier to clean out.  That'll be in the next few days.  Until then, all ten ducklings still fit in this pool, just barely.  As you can see, we're sure having fun with our ducklings!

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  1. Thanks fOr sharing your setup. I am planning to get a combo of ducks and hens, maybe 3-4 of each, and have a fully enclosed set up. I don't think it will be this big, though. I want to free range them under my fruit trees and general landscaping, but I'm afraid they'll mud it up if I let them out too much. I plan to let them go in a 70x5' yard that will also have my compost area where they can forage. We will see! How are yours doing now?