Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Changes: Pool

More changes.  We've switched from the small pool to a larger, deeper one.  Tim put a drain in this one so it will be easier to empty & clean.  Nice.  Unfortunately, it's downhill from the garden, so it will be difficult to get that nice, duck-poopy water into the garden, but perhaps we'll figure something out.

10 ducks in the small pool were getting pretty crowded!
At first the ducks were afraid of the new pool and wouldn't go near it.  I put the nice ramp up, but they haven't quite figured that out yet.  Sometimes I put some chopped greens on the ramp, and they'll walk up halfway eating the greens, but not yet into the pool.  Sometimes they'll get onto the ramp to get out of the pool (there's a brick step inside the pool leading to the ramp), but they jump off before reaching the bottom.  One of them finally walked down it yesterday, and I got a snapshot.  Perhaps they do it when I'm not looking!  Generally they manage to get from the first (lower) step into the pool, but little by little I've seen a couple of them step up to the second step, then into the pool (smart ducks).  We'll leave the ramp there and see if they get the hang of it.

One comes down the ramp!
They like the bigger pool.  They've figured out that they can dive under, swim across, then come up again, and sometimes do summersaults in the water.  It's a joy to watch them in the pool.  It's funny, but sometimes some of them seem to prefer drinking up the muddy water beside the pool rather than get in, while the others are in for a swim.  Oh well, to each his own!

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