Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving Day

Duck House - Not yet finished, but functional.

The ducks moved out to their own house today, at two weeks old!  This morning one of them managed to escape the brooder box in the basement, so we decided to hurry up and get their own house completed enough for them to move in.  Tim took a break from work, and I helped, too.  Tim made another frame with hardware cloth on it, so added to the first frame (which was in the brooder) we’ve more than doubled their living space inside.  It'll be a lot cuter when it's done and painted, but for now it's functional--it's even insulated!  We put the heat lamps out there, since it's still pretty cool at night.  We got this nifty door at a recycle place: it has interchangeable glass panes or screen door, so we can close 'em up and night or when it's cold, and let them have more ventilation during the day.

In addition to finishing the inside of the duck house, we put up some temporary fencing to make a pen for them outside the house.  It is so warm now in the daytime, we feel they can spend a fair amount of time outside.  The pool is there, but blocked off so that they can only enter when we are present.  It’s been much cooler since that first day we put them into the pool, so they haven’t been in it since.  When it warms up, we’ll let them go in again, with supervision.

Here’s a video showing them outside by their house.

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