Friday, April 1, 2011

W-I-N-D: Wind, Wind, Wind

This time of year I grow tired of the wind!  It blows and blows.  You'd think it would just give up after a time, but when it does, it just starts up again.  It's hard to be outside in the wind, even if it is not particularly cold.  Now that it is warming up a bit, it would be nice to get more done outside, but with the wind blowing there is little motivation.  The forecast for tomorrow was to be nice, and much calmer, but now it is showing "breezy" again.  We had planned to take the horses out for a ride, and maybe we still will, but it's awfully annoying (and a bit nerveracking) in the wind.

Soon we will be getting our ducklings.  We have a brooder all ready for them, and anxiously await notification that they'll be on their way!  The new adventure will begin!

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