Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Harvest

April 20
We've harvested our first lettuce, spinach and cilantro of the year!  The photo at the right shows the cold frame now.  HERE IS A PHOTO that was taken the day I planted, 3/19.  We've got puh-lenty of lettuce and spinach, and had our first spinach souffle!  I need to force myself to make salads every day, which are good, good for us, and using what we're growing ourselves.  I planted lots of it, thinking we would have the ducks now and that they would be eating some of it.  Since their delivery has been delayed, I guess I'll just have to pick it small and early, and eat lots it!  It's just too bad I can't freeze and save lettuce.  Since I planted the lettuces and spinach, I've also planted some beets, leeks and scallions here, which are also coming along nicely.

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