Friday, March 18, 2011

Wind Damage

On Wednesday night it was quite windy!  Apparently there were gusts to 50 mph.  Throughout the night we heard things going bump and ca-clunk, wondering what was loose.  Thursday morning Tim looked out to see that our cold frame had "flown the coop" (or at least off the bed) and was in pieces.  We thought that thing was indestructible, but I guess not!  See it behind the bed it had been sitting on all winter.

There was some spinach growing inside, and I'd been taking new plants out daily to harden off, with plans to plant them soon.  It's a good thing I hadn't planted the tender lettuces yet!  Tim already had a frame built to make another cold frame, so last night he finished covering it with the plastic and put it together, and now we're set.  This one is secured a little better, and as soon as we pick up some bolts we plan to bolt it down even better, so the next time we get wind like that we should be ready for it.  Here's a shot of the new cold frame.  Soon I should be able to get the lettuces planted, and some scallions and leeks.

Other than that, the seedlings in the house are coming along nicely.  I now have 6 varieties of peppers growing, and just started the tomato seeds as well.

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  1. Interesting frame for the cold frame house. Could you share the construction? I have one and can't keep the plastic as taut as yours.