Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Garden Plan 2011

Here is our current plan for 2011.  There still may be revisions, but for now I'm sticking with this plan.  We will be removing the bed that had previously been in the upper left (NW) corner, and will create the new long bed, going N-S to the right of the corn beds.  We're taking out the NW bed to allow for more accessibility to the duck pen, which will be outside the fence on the west side.  Also, that bed didn't do well last year, I think because it got awfully hot right next to the house.  I'll try some sunflowers and other flowers right next to the house and see how well they grow.

As before, this plan was created on  It's a lot of fun to play around with, and allows me to easily move things from one place to another while I decide what to do, with crop rotation reminders of what had been previously planted in each bed.

Here is a shot looking west, where we plan to house the ducks.  We're thinking of putting their house and run either along the fence, on the other side of the long berry bed, or behind/between the pines and the cottonwood tree, along a fence that will border that area (in front of the small trees in a row).  We'll remove the bed in the foreground that's framed with railroad ties, and put a gate in the fence leading to the duck area.

Other than that, I've received all the seeds I ordered, and started a few more seedlings on Monday.

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