Friday, February 25, 2011

My Setup

I thought I'd show some pictures of my garden working area. First is indoors where I have my grow lights. So far I'm only using the one light. The seedlings are on a rolling cart, and the seedlings can be raised or lowered according to how much space they need to be below the lights as they grow.

Outdoors, under the porch, I have my potting bench area, which Tim put in last summer. We found this cart (on the left) which was called a "serving cart" at the thrift store for just $35. It's perfect. There are slots for two pans that are perfect for making my soil blocks, and at a good height for me. I can keep a lot of fertilizers and tools below. The sink and its cabinet and the counter to the right were all items also purchased at the thrift store. We did well. This area has been very handy for me.

Looking out from where the bench area is, we have plans to build a greenhouse area off to the right. We plan to put some hoops down from the porch above, out to the ground, to be covered by plastic or other greenhouse material. We might make it removable, so it can be open in the summer, or make a way to roll shade cloth down in summer. It can be quite hot there, as this faces the south.

Looking out from the upstairs window, this is the west side of our garden today. I look forward to planting and seeing green things! It's kind of gloomy today, but this is the most snow I think we've had all winter--much needed moisture. Our nifty "manure makers" are hanging out back there napping, I think.

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