Saturday, March 27, 2010

Berries & Seedlings

The seedlings I've planted are coming along nicely, for the most part, and I'm busy making more plans and reading more tips to ensure better and more consistent harvest...fewer things at a time, planted in succession as much as possible.

I'm a little concerned that the tomatoes have not all emerged, but they seem to be coming up at different times for each variety, so perhaps some varieties are just slower than others. I hope that's the only issue, and that there isn't some other problem. I'm also a little concerned that I may have started the things for the cold frame a bit too soon, and they may get too big to put them outside before the cold frame is ready. I was planning not to re-pot them before transplanting outside.

Tim ordered some berry & grape plants, and planted most of them this week in a new bed along the western fence. The blackberries came as plants (not bare root like the others) so they won't go out until May. In the meantime, I put them into the large size soil blocks to continue growing before transplanting. I was delighted that I made 6 successful large blocks with none of them falling apart! I recall that last year the big ones were a bit difficult. The grapes will grow up an arbor (yet to be built) by the porch, so we can have a shaded area for relaxing in summers.

I'm still frustrated by reading different information from different sources, and don't know which suggestions are best. I'll just have to figure it out for myself! Some things say "don't start indoors" others say it's ok; some say to plant at one time, and others suggest another, etc. I guess to some extent it really doesn't matter, or depends on other variables such as climate, methods used, etc.

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