Monday, June 1, 2009

Tim is working on getting soaker hoses set up on timers all around the yard, to take care of the watering. This will be especially helpful when we are out of town, or even gone for a long day.

I made some more soil blocks to start more bean seeds. I need to get them going, and it's going to be cold and rainy the next couple of days. I'm thinking that if they can just get a good head start in comfy indoor conditions, I can put them outside before our upcoming trip. My guess is that the ones I planted outside were just too cold and wet at first.

I also started some more Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, after soaking the seeds for about 3 days. The first ones I'd planted (in blocks, indoors) never emerged. The package recommends soaking the seeds 48 hours--I started them but forgot about them, so it's actually been 3-4 days. The package also suggests to be sure they don't get dry during germination, so I'll have to watch that. Hopefully they'll do better.

I also planted another brussel sprout, because one of them doesn't look like it's growing like the others; a nasturtium and watermelon to replace ones that didn't make it through the hailstorm.

Things are looking good, for the most part. I especially like to watch the kale & broccoli grow. A friend asked me the other day how I'm going to keep the broccoli bugs out. I was hoping they wouldn't come! But with the companion planting, adding onions and thyme to the bed, it's supposed to confuse the bugs. We'll see....perhaps I should have put more thyme over there, but I'll see how it goes.

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