Monday, June 8, 2009

Rain, Hail, Cool Weather

We had more hail yesterday.  I ran out and covered the pepper plants with chairs and stools from the porch, and they don't look any worse for the wear.  They still have holes in their leaves from the last hailstorm.  This time there's a few holes in the spinach leaves and broccoli, but everything else looks like it survived. 

The other day we ate kale for dinner!  I put some curly endive in our salad, too. I've also been using oregano and basil, and I plan to have a spinach salad soon. Oh, boy...we're beginning to reap the harvest.  Can't wait to have more.  There's a few little tomatoes, but I haven't seen many--so far they are small and green and hard to find.  I think it's been too cool for them to do real well.

It's been cool and wet a lot.  Tim is getting the soaker hoses set up, but we haven't really needed them.  There's been enough rain and the ground is so saturated already, we can't really test them out before our trip to see how long to run them.  I guess we'll just have to give it a best guess and hope for the best.

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