Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things are looking pretty good after the hailstorm, except for those rips & holes in the pepper leaves. I think the pepper plants will survive. We lost one corn stalk (it was about 6" tall) so I've planted a new seed next to it to replace it. Other than that, so far so good.

Today I planted some carrot seeds by the asparagas patch. It's the only place that still has space available. I also weeded that entire bed--yes, the weeds are coming up all over.

I'd forgotten how much stress bending over and weeding is to my back. I grabbed a short stool to sit on, and that helped. It'll sure be nice weeding the higher terraced areas!

It's very cute, Brego usually comes and finds me at whatever corner I'm working in and will stand on his side of the fence to observe. I'm sure he's just hoping there will be food involved, like a handful of grass, but now that Tim has weed-whacked all the tall stuff around the edges, Brego is out of luck. He still stands and watches me, and gets a pet now and then.

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