Sunday, May 3, 2009

Peas, Please!

Our first seeds have been sown outdoors! Today we finally got Tier #1 ready to plant and put in some of the pea seeds, along with a few rutabegas. According to my research, they grow well together. In a couple of weeks I will add cucmbers to this section. I started some snow peas and sugar snap peas. They'll grow up the terrace, and we will put vertical wires from the fencing to the top for them to hang onto.

The horses were watching intently, especially my social Brego, but wouldn't you know, took off when the camera came out!

I also made some more 2" soil blocks and started more seeds in the house. After reading that a few things like corn can be successfully planted in blocks, I'm trying a few of those, then will start others outside for comparison purposes. I tried multi-planting them, two in some blocks, four in others, to see how they do. This is really an experimental year, so it will be interesting to see what
works best, then I can follow through with the best methods next year. I also started a few things that I need a little of at a time, like lettuce and spinach, to continue my succession plantings.

Hopefully tomorrow we will get the asparagas bed ready to plant and also Tier #4, where I will plant lettuce, endive, spinach, broccoli, kale and parsley, which are already growing and ready to go outside. These have been going outside daily, in at night.

We've also been putting out the big tomato plants
(which are so tall I've had to stake in their pots) and Topsy Turvy tomatoes. We goofed and left the hanging ones outside last night--it didn't freeze, they're still alive, I hope it doesn't hurt them!

I'm really having trouble with Blogger, spacing these photos and text. It works better using Google Chrome over Firefox, but even Chrome is presenting problems--you'd think at least Google would get their own two products working together! (Vent)

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