Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It was rainy (or at least drizzly) Sunday, and we didn't do any work outside.  It was kind of nice to take a break.  The things I planted on Saturday seem to like it outside, and they're happy with the rain.

I went to the nursery today to take advantage of our senior discount (at 55 we get 10% off on Tuesdays).  I got some seeds for the brussels sprouts and strawberry plant roots.  I came home and planted the brussels sprout seeds near the broccoli & kale.  I also added some lavender at the edge of that bed, since they are perennial and not to be disturbed.  I also put in a thyme plant and some garlic on that end of the bed.  Thyme is supposed to repel some kind of broccoli bug.  I suppose more would be better, but I don't have that many plants started.  Perhaps later I'll add some thyme seeds here and there.

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