Thursday, May 21, 2009

Later On...

The wind didn't seem to do any damage.  I guess the plants are hardier than I'd thought.  I'm still a little concerned, as it is much cooler today and will be the next few days.  The good news is that it shouldn't be below 50 even overnight, so if that's the magic number for tomatoes and peppers we should be fine.

I saw a bunny today INSIDE the fenced garden.  He ran and hopped out a spot in the wire fencing that was bent a little wider, so I bent that spot back.  We're gonna have to keep watching. Hopefully with the cats visiting the garden area during the day the bunnies will at least smell them and reconsider coming in.

Tim finished Tier 3, so I can plant the rest of the small tomato plants.  He also completed the watermelon bed, so I planted those, along with some nasturtiums.  I got to thinking that the roots only grow in one area, then the plant spreads out.  So, I had Tim prepare the soil only for the top portion of the bed, at the top of the hill, where I planted the melons.  Below that, we'll just keep it covered with a nice bed of hay for the sprawling plant and watermelons to lay on, and I'll train the plant to go that direction.

I also planted the cucumbers, near the peas so they can share the same trellis.  The rutabegas are coming up in that section also, 8 of them.  I think that should be plenty for us.  It's not like an everyday vegetable!  I'm thinking I might line the edge with some more of my garlic as well.

The garlic I planted last week near the brussels sprouts are coming up nicely.  The onions (planted from sets) in that bed are coming up strong as well.  I'm surprised at how quickly they are growing.

It's so nice to see everything growing, and flowers on the tomato plants!

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