Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here's How it Looks

Photos taken yesterday & today, in the rain.  In a few weeks I should do a similar set for comparison!

Tier 1
Peas (snow and sugar), cucumbers (lemon and japanese burpless), radishes, rutabegas (6 of them), calendula

Tier 2
Peppers, onions, garlic (coming)

Tier 3 
Trellis (left): Tomatoes (Indeterminites: Brandywine & Sugar Sweetie), Basil & Cilantro
Herb Triangle: Chives, oregano, thyme, chamomile, parsley, lavender, sage
Tier 3 (right): Tomatoes (Determinite Roma, Ace), celery, leeks, scallions, bee balm

Tier 4, Part 1 & 2
Left: Broccoli, Kale, Brussels Sprouts, radish, carrots, onions, garlic, lavender, thyme
Right: Lettuce, spinach, endive, mesclun varieties, onions, calendula, bush beans (edamame & tavera), marigolds

Tier 4, Part 3 & 4
Upper: Summer squash & nasturtium
Lower: Watermelon & nasturtium

Tier 4, Part 5
Strawberries, spinach, borage

Three Sisters 
Corn, beans, winter squash, bee balm

Southwest Corner
Asparagas, parsley, tomatoes, basil, bee balm, calendula, ginger

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