Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celery & Leeks

One of the books I've been reading suggested planting celery & leeks in a row together, alternating every other one, in a trench to be filled in as they grow, to blanch the bottoms. I planted them this way, along the front side of one of the tomato rows--both grow well with tomatoes. I hope they like their new home!

Tommy the toad has brought a new friend to the garden, who is a little smaller. They both seem to like the pea bed--that's the only place I've seen them. It's funny how they keep coming back. I guess they are not a problem, but I don't want them disturbing pea seeds that haven't yet emerged.

Everything is looking good, and we keep admiring our hard work. We just need to finish Tier 3, the other half of the tomato bed, then a spot for watermelons down near the strawberries. After that we'll do the corn patch on the other side of the yard, and we're done with planting.

We still have a lot of the topsoil we purchased. I suppose we'll use it to amend the unused areas that we will begin to prepare for next year's rotation. I suppose this worked out well (only using about half the yard), so we can rotate our crops better. We'll have to come up with a whole new plan next year! I'm bummed that this topsoil came with weed seeds in it. They are growing all over the place, even after our careful planning to keep them out by using cardboard underneath each bed. Grrr. I knew I would have to do some weeding, but didn't expect so much.

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