Sunday, May 17, 2009


We've been letting the cats out lately during the day, especially when we are working outside. They like coming outside, and Bayou is getting more and more brave, exploring new territory.  She likes to visit me while I'm working in the garden and meows a lot as she walks. We've been calling her the "stealth cat" because she is NOT, as she runs along so loudly and meows so much.  She's even been seen in the barn a couple of times--perhaps she smells the bunny that seems to be living in there.

It's good to be letting them out.  Especially Bayou--she will enjoy chasing mice and bunnies. My little one-eyed Cubby is old and slow, and doesn't go very far from the house--she never did when I let her outside at my other house.  Hopefully they'll still come inside in the evening when I want them to.  I really don't want them getting into trouble in the night.

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