Thursday, May 21, 2009

The $64 Tomato

I got a book from the library I've just begun to read: "The $64 Tomato" by William Alexander. Just the premise of the book sounds funny!  After all that this guy went through to plant his garden, he estimates that each tomato he brings in cost him $64.  I fear that will be the cost of ours this year!

This morning I am a little afraid to go outside and see what the wind did to the garden last night as I heard it whipping through...I'll be brave, I'll do it, I'll take whatever comes.

We are sure seeing how much the agrarian societies must learn to take what comes and depend on God to grow their crops.  It's good being connected to the land.  And, it's amazing to think of these little seeds that somehow grow quickly into so many different plants--vegetables, fruits, flowers and all.  Very incredible!  How can anyone not believe that God created this?  

We are sure having fun with all of this, we know that it is an investment for the future, and in years to come we will enjoy all the work and investment we've done this year, which won't need to be re-done.  We know we are doing "good work" and that is very satisfying.

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