Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We've ordered some topsoil, to arrive tomorrow. We plan to add it to the goat manure, peat, & old hay we've got to create our beds for planting.

It's kind of sad to give up some of our plans, but good. We need to cut back. For the most part, we'll still grow most of what was planned, just fewer of each vegetable, and it will be much easier to manage, on only one side of the yard. I need to carefully look at the size of each bed now and determine how many of each item will fit, so I'll know which seedlings to repot and which to kill or give away, etc.

I'm putting plants out daily that will be planted into the garden asap, to "harden them off". They seem to like being outside.

I think "garden" almost all the time now. I lay awake at night then wake up in the morning thinking about what I should do. I'm in trouble now!

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