Monday, April 27, 2009


This weekend we had hoped to get the beds ready for the plants that can be planted before the last frost date, kale, broccoli, endive, lettuce, spinach, asparagas, & artichokes. However, it was cold and yucky, and we decided we will need more topsoil to complete the project. It's a good thing we waited and didn't plant, because this morning it is snowing. It's just as well that the tender seedlings aren't out there! I'm still hardening them off, so another couple of days of that treatment will be good for them before planting outside.

I'm very bummed that I planted tomatoes too soon. They are definitely to big to be indoors, and beginning to hit the lights at the top of the growbench. I need to prune them, but want to do a little more research as to how to do that. One resource indicated that the "suckers" are non-flowering and that I should prune them off. What I'm not sure about is lopping off the top--if I do that will it grow out another non-flowering sucker, or a fruit-bearing stem? I'll need to look for that info.

I need to start a few more seeds, and had hoped to have the new space made available by the other plants going outside. I also wanted to make more soil blocks, but it's pretty cold and gloomy outside, so I may put that off another day or two.

We also did some re-thinking about Lucky's pathway, for a number of reasons. We've decided NOT to have her run the perimeter, but to give her part of the yard by the house and downstairs porch, and a path
closer to the house to get to the front yard. I wasn't planning to plant anything there anyway. This will mean less fencing, and non-electric and probably less expensive. Tim blocked off the area under the gate where the bunnies come in, so we will watch to see if they can still get in. If so, we'll put up smaller chicken wire around the base of our current fence.

Meanwhile, perhaps I'll proceed with my search for a kitten (or two).

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