Saturday, April 4, 2009

More "Potting On"

In the past couple of weeks, we made a second shelf of grow lights for more seedlings and to make room for the larger size of pots for the seedlings I've transplanted.  I think I did about a hundred of these today!  Tim also rigged up some shades to cover them at night to deter the cats from messing with them.  Quite a setup!

The tomato plants are doing very well, nearing a foot tall.  I know that I planted way too many, too soon.  Live and learn!  I wish I didn't have to learn by making mistakes, but I guess that's the best teacher, in some ways.  I'm sure we'll give away some of the tomato seedlings.  I also planted some endive right at the beginning and they are doing well.  
At this rate, they may be full grown before I can put them outside.  The artichokes also seem to be doing well, as are 
the broccoli and kale and several herbs.

I'm concerned about the peppers.  
The leaves have turned yellow, and they aren't growing very fast.  
Perhaps the rate of growth is normal, but I sure don't like the yellow leaves.  Thinking they may have been overwatered, I've cut back on the watering and I think they're doing better.  
Now that they are in their new, larger homes, perhaps they'll do better.  I have plenty of them, so even if only a couple of plants in each variety make it, I'll have some peppers.  I also started a new batch for later harvest, so it'll be interesting to see how well they do and compare.

I'm still having lots of fun with this.  I updated my plan with clipart just for fun.  Really classy.  
Tim is helping me with a garden database in Access so I can track everything I do, plant progress, mistakes, and add notes of things I've read, etc.  I should have all my info in one place.  Maybe when we're done with it we'll sell it to other gardeners.

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