Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I planted tomatoes in our Topsy Turvey Upside Down Tomato Planters yesterday and today. It's been nice enough I can have them out for awhile during the day, then bring them in at night. I'm a bit challenged to find a place to hang them on bad weather days in a window where they can get some light, which are coming soon, but we'll figure something out. I don't want to drill any holes in the ceiling or walls or wreck anything for this interim arrangement. In about a month we should be able to leave them out all the time. I put two plants in each one (three varieties=three planters) because the instructions said I could. The one planted yesterday (left) has already begun to curl its stems and leaves upward. It should be fun to see them grow like this. It was a little tricky getting the tomatoes carefully into the planter, but I don't think I damaged any stems. The planters took a LOT of potting soil, and I left more room at the top than was recommended. I'll add more soil later if need be.

Tim finished back-filling the dirt behind the bricks and is almost done leveling out the rest of the area on the west side of the yard. After we take out the hot tub I think it will be very cute to have some flowers right there alongside the bricks, and a table and chairs on the patio (currently under the hot tub). In the corner we will begin amending the soil there for my asparagas plot where I will also plant some of the tomatoes, basil & parsley, which are supposed to benefit the asparagas. The asparagas are perennials, so I'll let them grow big this year and leave them alone there in the corner to sprout next spring.

I never knew I'd be so excited to see worms, but when Tim was digging and leveling the soil, we saw worms pop up and it was a lovely sight. We wanted to know they found us and are working our soil under our sheet mulching project. Now we know they're there!

"kids" came to check out what's going on. Come veggie time, they're probably going to want to come into the garden for sure!

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