Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I know that the soil here is not good for growing, and that it is a very clay-like medium.  It's been really noticeable this week after it snowed and melted.  It is so gross!  Mud and muck everywhere. I have shoes saved for the purpose of walking in this stuff, but I still can't get used to all the mucky stuff that gets stuck to them.  It's slippery, too.  And you can't always tell it's mud until you step in it and slip. The water doesn't drain well.  It just stands on top of the clay before it mixes in.  We have (had) some wood chips on our walkway area, and they've already gotten mixed in with the mud and are seemingly useless.  Bleahhhhhh.....  I am not used to this.  I liked the soil (and mud) much better at my house at Lake Tahoe.  (It had its limitations too, but the mud wasn't like this!)  OK, I've vented. :)

It drives home to me the point that we will have a lot to do to amend this soil and get it ready to plant.  I wish we'd started this project last summer or fall, and started our sheet mulching then or grown some green manures, etc.  Oh well, we'll just have to make do the best we can.  Next year we'll be ready to go in tip-top shape.

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