Saturday, March 14, 2009


Our plan has been to have a path around the entire perimeter of our garden for Lucky (the dog) to run, so she can continue to bark at the bunnies to keep them away!  

We were concerned that she would mess up our sheet mulching process, so we had Lucky confined to the front yard until we could fence it off.  The next day we looked out and saw that the bunnies have discovered that Lucky was gone, and already about 10 of them were having a party in the backyard, trying to find new goodies.  There is nothing there for them yet, but it was really something to see them converge in that area!  We let Lucky out back, and as soon as they smelled her, they scattered!  It was pretty funny. 

We're glad we have planned to keep Lucky's pathway!  She will definitely help to keep the bunnies away.  Hopefully the additional electric fence we plan to put up will keep them out when she is in the house at night!  

In the meantime, Tim put up a temporary fence around our sheet mulching project to keep Lucky out of that.  Now she's happily back in her backyard, and the bunnies are on the other side of the fence being barked at. (The current fence is unfortunately not "bunny proof".)

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