Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Potting On"

Today I did my first "potting on", or transferring the little seedlings into larger pots.  I made some larger pots out of newspaper, and put the little guys into the bigger pots.  It was easy enough, but I'm thinking that next year I may consider the potting blocker method all the way--from start to finish.  The larger size newspaper pots aren't holding together as well as I'd hoped, and I'll have to be careful with them.  I don't want to use plastic pots--I think that transplanting will go much more smoothly in the newspaper pots as I can put them in the ground with the newspaper still intact.  

I received my  4 x 2" size soil blocker this weekend, and plan to start some new seedlings in the next couple of days.  This will make small blocks (without sides) to start the seedlings in.  If, in the future, I should buy the 4" size potting block maker, I will be able to easily put the 2" size directly into the larger one in a 2" hole that it will make.  It sounds a lot easier than what I did today, but it would be an investment to buy the block maker.  I'll see how it goes.

I'm realizing that I started way too many seeds all at once.  Too many tomatoes and too many peppers for sure.  I should have started with just a few and then started more a month or so later. I'm sure we'll have way too many tomatoes & peppers all at once, but we'll live and learn!  Maybe I'll be able to give some of the seedlings away to someone else to plant in their garden.

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