Thursday, February 26, 2009

While Laurie is reading gardening books, planting & watering seedlings, Tim is working hard on our landscaping to create terraces.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tim finished building the grow bench downstairs on Thursday, so Friday I got busy planting seeds.  Several are planted now, but I needed to buy a few more, so today I will plant those.  It will be fun to watch them grow!

Later, Tim got out the tractor and began to dig out the area we will terrace.  First, he needs to fix the retaining wall he'd had there, then we'll terrace the hill there, with "lasagna gardening". This book was recommended, and looks great.  It explains a form of "sheet mulching", layering and getting the soil ready to plant, along with tips for lots of different vegetables.  See it here: LASAGNA GARDENING

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Golden Gaits Garden

This will be our first garden!  We plan to grow as much of our own food as we can, using the principles of permaculture and organic gardening.  We have a lot to do and a lot to learn, but are ready to take on the challenge.  We have been reading and planning and are about to plant the seedlings.  There are many differences of opinion regarding the best way to do everything, so we will try a few approaches and after some trial and error will determine what is best for us.

Our dream for the future will be to invite others to share in this project with us and share in the bounty.  We envision families coming together doing "good work" and teaching their children these important lessons as well.